Java Software under Construction

Interested in something here? I'm putting together a bundled version of these applets. They should be useful for anybody that uses the web for multimedia lectures. (Don't download them yet -they are copyrighted, etc., and have bugs anyway.) Send suggestions/comments to me.

Sound Effect Buttons

User sets button size, button label and associated .au sound file. There are three applets here, but you can have any number.

Slide Show with Audio

Here are the lines you insert into your html document:

<applet codebase=wortheyjava code=SlideShow1.class width=350 height=60> <param name=SlideShowTitle value="Astronomical Demonstration Show"> <param name="ImageList" value="images/earth-from-space.gif| images/lunar-surface.gif|images/barringer-aerial.gif"> <param name="AudioList" value="sounds/ORCHBARO.AU| sounds/ORCHCLAS.AU|sounds/ORCH20CE.AU"> <! And now, less essential parameters: > <! By default, the slide show will occupy the whole screen while it is > <! running. If you wish it smaller, change the following two params. > <param name="WindowSmallerByX" value=0> <! Width smaller by N pixels.> <param name="WindowSmallerByY" value=0> <! Height smaller by N pixels.> <param name=ButtonText value="Click here to start."> <! Text on button. > </applet>

In the above tags, the user gives lists of .gif image files to be displayed and .au audio files to be played. Images are rescaled to fill the viewing area. In the first line, "wortheyjava" is the name of the directory where the java class codes sit, and the width and height refer to size of the initial title+button applet. All directory names are relative the one in which the html sits.

A cool feature: One can draw over the image by dragging the mouse. Erase the scribbles by clicking the "clear" button or hitting a "c" on the keyboard. Other keyboard keys work also: "a" for audio, "p" for previous, "n" for next, and "q" for quit.

In testing this, it works well on PCs, well but slow on a Mac. It looks good but freezes after a while with Netscape 4.04 on Sun/Solaris, but works great with Sun's HotJava browser. The program is a memory hog - there isn't much we can do about that with such an image-intensive program.

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