Comprehensive Stellar Population Models and the Disentanglement of Age and Metallicity Effects

Guy Worthey
1994 ApJS, 95, 107

Models computed for this work give a variety of predictions for single-burst populations of a given age and metallicity which were summarized in Table 5. All of the Table 5 data can be accessed from this file, which is 1004 columns wide (this is enough to choke some text editors).

Magnitudes and broad-band colors alone are found in this file of 464 columns, and spectral indices along with SBF magnitudes can be found in this file of 560 columns. (Ignore the fact that html thinks these are binary files - they are really ascii.)

Finally, the complete library of model SEDs and H-R diagrams with all information needed to make arbitrary mixes of populations is contained in file fits.tar.Z. This file is 3.5 MB in size. It contains a set of FITS files, each of which contains fluxes and other information for one age + Z combination. More information is contained in ASCII extensions to the main FITS header-data unit. Two FORTRAN programs which read the files (when linked to the ADC's FITSIO library of subroutines) are included. This library is experimental, and I welcome comments. FITS libary copyright 1994. Guy Worthey.

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