Pangea to present, global plate tectonics in miniature.

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Lists of internet links:
Interactive Digital Maps courtesy of Cornell's INSTOC (Institute for the Study of Continents). Requires Netscape 4.07 or greater or IE 4.0 or greater, Java enabled. There is a LOT here.
Terraserver. Very high-resolution satellite imagery on-line. Can you find your house?
Structural geology and metamorphic petrology resources on the WWW. Advanced level.
Links to great earth science resources.
Illinois Geological Survey. More than 1000 links.
American Geological Institute
U. S. Geological Survey. Earth and Environmental Science Network.
West's geology directory: miscellaneous. Many eclectic links, rated one to five stars.
Direct links to earth science resources:
USGS National Earthquake Information Center
U. S. Geological Survey Library
Geoscience Information Center from Scripps Institution of Oceanography. I wasn't really sure whether I should put this on or not, so tell me what you think.
Paleonet. Real paleontology here!
Mineralogy database for students and professionals. Very carefully done and cross-referenced.
Geologic time.
GHCC Global Hydrology and Climate Center at NASA Marshall Space Flight Center.
Alphabetical Mineral Reference, a glossary of minerals associated with gems.
Gems and Precious Stones. This is the root for the previous link.
ATHENA Mineralogy. Alphabetical index and a systematic index arranged according to chemical classification. Somewhat advanced, but it is the real stuff.
WIND and SEA, NOAA's index to atmospheric and oceanic sciences (and policy issues).
EROS Data Center. (EROS = Earth Resources Observation Systems) This site distributes aerial photographs, digital maps, satellite imagery, etc., and is a huge archive of information. Recommended.
USGS real time water data including lots of stream discharge values.

San Salvadore Earthquake: 7.6

Geology: subduction zone: ocean-continent convergence.

Santa Tecla, San Salvadore. The earthquake triggered this landslide.

India Earthquake: 7.9

Geology: thrust fault as Indian plate moves north: contininent-continent convergence

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