Astronomy: star formation and evolution

More such images from Spitzer..

Simeis 147, SN Remnant

A combined, but totally real, H-R diagram for a metal-poor globular cluster. (Bill Harris)

The effect of age.

The effect of heavy element mass fraction.

Spectroscopic data on SS 433: stellar companion is O or B type, and around 10 solar masses. System shows emission from H and He at 0.26 the speed of light both coming and going.

SS 433 artist's impression. The binary has a 13 day period.

Corkscrew pattern seen at radio wavelengths, indicative of the precessing jets. The precession period is 162 days.

SS 433 is almost certainly associated with the football-shaped supernova remnant number W50. X-ray map.

Radio map of the supernova remnant W50. W50 is about 40,000 years old.

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