Introductory Astronomy: 

Illustrations of Scale

  Light Travel Time
Around the circumference of earth 1/7 second
To the moon 1 second
Across the solar system a few hours
Nearest Star (Proxima Centauri) 4.3 years
Across Milky Way Galaxy 100,000 years
To Andromeda Galaxy 2 million years
"Across" Universe 14 billion years

Earth and moon, in eclipse geometries (solar, then lunar), and with correct scaling of both size and separation.

Sirus is a main sequence star, like our sun, but more massive, and hotter. Arcturus is a red giant star.

Betelguese and Antares are bloated red supergiants - about as big as stars can get. Rigel is a blue main sequence star. Due to its hotter surface, Rigel is as bright as Betelgeuse. Betelgeuse marks a "shoulder" of Orion, Rigel marks a "knee."