Introductory Astronomy: 

Outer Planets and Large Moons

Jupiter System

Image from Apollo 11 (Earth's Moon)

Callisto crater chain

Ganymede crater chain

Comet Shoemaker-Levy 9

Saturn System

Uranus System

18th Uranus moon is marked at upper right, other indicated on borders.

Mars and Uranus 2003 retrograde loops. Composting of many images registered so that the stars in each frame lined up.

Composite and false-color. From W. M. Keck Observatory

Near-infrared images to emphasize rings.






Neptune System

Voyager 2 image

Neptune and Triton backlit - Voyager 2 image

Palomar Observatory - near-IR image to bring out cloud contrast - false color

Triton - Voyager 2 mosaic

Triton - dark streak are evidence of some kind of geyser/volcano activity