Terrain typical of Mercury: a basin smoothly filled with lava which was subsequently peppered with residual impacts.

Discovery Rupes Scarp is a thrust fault where Mercury's crust sqeezed together at an early point in its history when it shrank somewhat due to cooling.

Disturbed terrain that was initially a puzzle until the following picture was taken:

Caloris Basin is the site of a truly giant impact. The disturbed terrain of the previous picture is located on the precise opposite side of the globe from Caloris, and so was the focal point for surface earthquake waves generated by the impact.

Mariner 10 incoming hemisphere.

Mariner 10 outgoing hemisphere. 45% of Mercury has been mapped.


Magellan radar globe of Venus

Ovda Regio 3D pan.

Ovda Regio, different view.

Hildr lava channel.

Aine Corona, with associated pancake volcanos.

Crater Dickinson.

Sapas Mons volcano

3 impact craters

Unusual volcano. Lava flows appear lighter in color.

Volcano. Venusian wind has blown ash toward the northeast.