Introductory Astronomy: 

Outer Planets and Large Moons

Jupiter System

HST image of Io and Jupiter

Map produced from Cassini mission images.

Auroral ovals in the ultraviolet (insets) plus visible-wavelength image. HST.

False color of the May 2004 triple-shadow event. HST image. Disks of Io and Ganymede, shadows of Ganymede, Io, Callisto.

Discovery of Jupiter's ring - Voyager 2

Jupiter and Galileian moons to scale. Callisto image from Voyager 2, other from Galileo mission.

Io true color.

Red and black: lava flows, yellow sulfur patches from explosive plumes, green from mixtures of processes, white may be partly sulfur dioxide snow. Just about true color.

6 months separate images. Significant landscape changes seen! Galilieo.

Prometheus volcano plume.

Europa full face. Galileo images.


Galileo. False color to separate ice (blue) from dirty ice (brown).

Galileo. "Freckles" may be ice boils.

Galileo. Small ridges are 1 km apart.

Pwill crater. Galileo


Galileo. Ganymede craters on craters.

Groovy terrain on Ganymede.

Callisto. Attempted true color (on the left). Galileo.

Middle stripe is Galileo higher-resolution imagery. The rest is cobbled together from Voyager images.

Scarp. Galileo.

At an image resolution of only a few meters, images from Galileo show jagged terrain not completely understood.