ASTR 345: Principles of Astronomy

Algebra-based overview of astrophysics.


  1. EPD Python and matplotlib installer for Windows. (older, but works for me)
  2. Or get the updated version, now called "Canopy Express free" from Enthought ( I have not tested it)
  3. BETTER YET, get Spyder from Anaconda or possibly from the actual repository at github.
  4. Or run linux. You can shrink your Windows partition and install for example Ubuntu linux on the remainder, and python will just be there for you.
  5. Or install Moba X window emulator or Cygwin and you can remotely log into a server using command line tools (clunky, but safe)

For option one, double-click desktop icon to get command window. Say "mkdir python" then "cd python" and put all your working files in the Desktop/python folder. And "cd python" forevermore, or put a shortcut in your python folder. To test, say "print 0.45" or "print 'hello world'" including the single quotes but not the double quotes.

Spare images: