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WASHINGTON -- In a surprise move that has astonished political pundits, the space alien that endorsed Bill Clinton in 1992 has switched party allegiance and is backing GOP Presidential contender George W. Bush!
ALIEN PAVES ROAD TO WHITE HOUSE for Governor Bush, because in past elections, the alien endorsement has been a critical factor -- perhaps the deciding factor!

The political stunner came after a two-hour, hush-hush meeting in a Washington hotel suite, during which the extraterrestrial quizzed Texas Governor Bush on his knowledge of international affairs, basic astronomy and plans for the future before agreeing to throw his weight behind the candidate, according to respected UFO investigator Dennis Baleri.

"This decision comes as a tremendous blow to Vice President Al Gore, who naturally assumed he would inherit the alien's support from his predecessor, Bill Clinton," said Baleri, who has been studying the influence of extraterrestrials on U.S. politics for two decades.

"And it is a tremendous coup for Governor Bush because in past elections, the alien endorsement has been a critical factor -- perhaps even the deciding factor."

The news has sent shockwaves through Washington and many political insiders from both parties initially expressed skepticism about Baleri's report. But the researcher has come forward with a photo leaked to him from the Bush camp that clearly shows George W. and the alien together.

Ironically, this same alien's insensitive treatment of the Republican candidate's father, President George H. Bush, once left the Bush family embittered and mistrustful.

As Weekly World News and other media reported in April 1991, the alien held a secret summit with the senior Bush at Camp David. At the time, the historic, first-of-its-kind meeting was seen as a signal that the strange visitor planned to support the President's re-election bid.

But within a few short months, the alien was photo-graphed in a chummy meeting with maverick billionaire and third-party candidate Ross Perot. Finally, the fickle space visitor pulled the rug out from under both leaders and backed Democrat Bill Clinton, as reported by the NEWS in our August 11, 1992, issue.

Clinton publicly crowed about the endorsement, telling the press, "I'm glad he saw through Bush and Perot."

Incumbent President Bush was reportedly disappointed at the turnaround.

At that time, sources close to Bush said he felt betrayed.

That November, of course, Clinton narrowly defeated his Republican rival -- and many political analysts believe that the alien endorsement is what put the Arkansas Governor over the top.

"The alien appears to intervene in very close elections, suggesting that the fate of our society is vital to his mysterious extraterrestrial civilization," said Baleri. "My research indicates that his planet also played a behind-the-scenes role in the photo-finish elections of 1960 and 1968.

"The upcoming contest between the younger Bush and Al Gore looks like it's going to be another such case, decided by just a few percentage points."

Given the alien's track record, George W. Bush had serious misgivings when aides told him that the nameless extraterrestrial wanted an audience with him on April 8 -- especially when Bush learned the visitor planned to question him on his knowledge of world affairs and space science.

"It sounded like some kind of set-up," an aide to Bush told Washington-based Baleri. "But Governor Bush knew it was too big an opportunity to pass up, so he started cramming like crazy."

Bush hit the books for days, boning up on geography, current affairs and astronomy. Then on the evening of April 8, he met with the pale, hairless being at an undisclosed D.C. location.

"The Governor was sweating bullets when he went into that meeting and the alien certainly didn't go easy on him," said the aide. "He was peppered with some pretty tough questions, from the heads of state of tiny countries to the approximate number of stars in the Milky Way.

"But the Governor's preparation paid off -- he got through the 'job interview' with flying colors."

Although the other matters discussed at the meeting remain a closely guarded secret, it is known that the wide-ranging talk covered Bush's plans for improving education as well as possible trade between the alien's home world and our own.

The alien also told the candidate he was switching parties because he was unhappy about "moral failures" in the White House -- a possible reference to the Monica Lewinsky sex scandal.

Said Baleri, "At the end of the meeting, the alien shook hands with Governor Bush in a very friendly manner and told him, 'You have my support. I am behind you 100 percent.'"

The Gore campaign has as yet issued no formal reaction to the endorsement, but the Vice President is said to be "confused and disappointed" by the alien's decision. By contrast, Bush campaign insiders say their candidate is walking on air.

"Governor Bush is ecstatic," said his aide. "He's now convinced that he'll be a shoo-in this November."

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