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THEY'RE HERE! Extraterrestrials landing on Earth -- and making contact with humans!

Space aliens are not only visiting Earth, they are meeting with world leaders and setting the stage for involvement in human affairs from this day on. That's not to say that extraterrestrials are pushovers because U.S. intelligence sources have confirmed that space aliens will use whatever means are necessary to defend themselves when their backs are against the wall!

UFO takes 3 kids for a joyride!

A silver, saucer-shaped spaceship swooped out of the sky, sucked up three shell-shocked children -- and took them on a three-day joyride across the universe.

The spine-tingling incident was witnessed by a dozen people in a soccer field in Concordia, Argentina, who said the craft bathed the little ones in a beam of blue light and gently drew them into the spaceship.

"There is no reason not to believe the children and the eyewitnesses," said Police Inspector Roderigo Ortiz. Witnesses saw the UFO return Emma de Paolo, 8, her brother, Edgar, 6, and a friend, Francesca, 5, to the same field three days later.

In 1987, aliens abducted four children from the same field and took them on a sightseeing tour of outer space.

In both cases, the children were returned with needle marks on their cheeks, believed to be vaccinations against alien diseases.

UFO space train orbiting Earth!

A massive UFO that looks like a train has been orbiting Earth since late 1992. And while researchers once feared that the spaceship was carrying troops, they now believe that it is loaded with food and medical supplies for needy humans around the world!

That's the word from UFO researcher Dr. Roger Klobuchar, who obtained photographs of the "space train" from Pentagon sources and now says that "initial fears of an extraterrestrial invasion were totally unfounded."

"Far from posing a danger, this enormous UFO has come to Earth on a mission of peace," Dr. Klobuchar told reporters. "I am not at liberty to reveal everything that I know at this point.

"But I'm told that representatives of the extraterrestrial civilization that built the spacecraft are seeking permission to assist impoverished humans in Bosnia, Somalia, Russia, the United States and other countries as quickly as possible.

"This is an overture with stunning implications," he added. "Space aliens have been visiting Earth for many years now, but this is the first time that they have offered to help us solve problems like sickness and starvation."

According to Dr. Klobuchar, NASA satellites photographed the 270-car space train on November 3, 1992, and the space agency has been tracking it ever since.

There has been no direct contact with the crew.

But Dr. Klobuchar's sources have confirmed that a fleet of five, smaller UFOs have been shuttling space alien ambassadors to cities like Moscow, London, Tokyo and Washington to meet with world leaders since January 14.

"It's just a matter of time before it lands and unloads its cargo of food and medicines," said Dr. Klobuchar.

Space alien raped my Weed Eater, reveals Mexican farmer!

Mexican gardener Oscar Diaz watched in shock and disbelief as a space alien snatched the Weed Eater out of his work truck and made mad, passionate love to it!

"It wasn't a pretty sight," declared Diaz, who said the drama unfolded when a bullet-shaped UFO appeared directly in front of his truck as he drove along an isolated dirt road near his home in Puerto Vallarta, causing him to swerve into a field. The gardener said he was still behind the wheel -- his truck engine dead -- when a ramp folded out of the starship's belly. A space alien with big eyes, pointed ears and long arms trotted off the ramp.

"He ran straight over to my truck, hopped in the back and started throwing tools around like he was looking for something," said Diaz. "When he finally got to the Weed Eater he made a gasping noise and pulled it close to his chest. The next thing I know he had it on the ground. There was no question what he was doing."

Diaz says the alien "cuddled" with the machine for two or three minutes before he returned to his UFO and vanished over the horizon. Police Capt. Jorge Lozano said detectives investigated but could find no evidence that a starship had landed.

"That doesn't mean that an extraterrestrial didn't try to mate with his Weed Eater," said the cop. "It just means we can't prove it."

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