Astronomy Movies

The following movies are in a miscellany of formats. The ones listed I have a local copy of, but they are only a subset of those available at the official sites.

From Sandia Labs: simulations of an asteroid taking out New York City in a grazing impact.
aster_vr1.qt 890 kB
aster_vr2.qt 768 kB
asteroid-nyc.qt 804 kB
From JPL's video archive:
castalia.mpg 87kB asteroid Castalia computer model rotation made from Cassini imaging data.
tout2.mpg 288kB asteroid Toutatis computer model rotation made from Cassini imaging data.
marsface.mpg 70kB flying around the (low-res) "Face On Mars." I wonder if a similar movie can be found with the new Mars Observer high-res images?
cstrjct2.mpg 1314kB trajectory of Cassini spacecraft from earth to Saturn. Feels like you are flying through the solar system.
From Space Telescope Science Institute: 5498kB Simulated Elliptical-Spiral merger made to look like Cass A. XANIM cannot play this .mov format movie.
Mars.mpg 775kB Mars globe rotation - made with real HST images.
HDF.mpg 1899kB Hubble Deep Field - big zoom from the Big Dipper as seen from your back yard to the location of the Hubble Deep Field, the "deepest," most detailed picture ever taken of any spot in the sky.
galaxies.mpg 2379kB Galaxy Formation. Standard N-body cosmology simulation. As the universe expands, the densest clumps attract each other by mutual gravity and collapse messily to form, eventually, galaxies as we know them.
m32anim.mpg 4756kB Zoom in to a suspected black hole in M32. I notice that the orientation of M32 relative to the nucleus of the Andromeda galaxy as shown is wrong: M32 is south and a little bit east of Andromeda, so it should be down and a little to the left. Why isn't it? Because van der Marel didn't bother to get it right.
Rings.mpg 1303kB Light from supernova 1987A has illuminated "rings" of material left over from episodes of mass loss when it was still a star. This movie starts with an HST image of the "rings," dissolves to an animation showing the 3-dimensional geometry, then dissolves back to the HST image.
From U. Oregon: Introduction to The Andromeda Galaxy.
NASA: Peekskill fireball. Quicktime format.

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