Dragon Dominant Walkthrough
A Neverwinter Nights Module
Gwindor of Nargothrond

Warning/Disclaimer: This document is "spoiler central"! Maybe it's useful for second timers or people who are stuck, but it destroys all sense of surprise. Part of the pleasure of playing this module is the occasional "brown trousers" moment (the pleasure comes when you survive it, rather to your astonishment). You don't need this walkthrough. All you need to know you can discover while playing the module. With that said, however, here is the document you should never need: the Dragon Dominant walkthrough.

Here is a map of the how the exterior areas connect to each other:


  1. Introduction: Milieu
  2. Beginning through Damore
  3. Orc Tower, River City
  4. Gem of Ikarion Quests:
  5. Galados and Orchid quests and other side quests
  6. Dragonslayer / Battle of the Gate
  7. Kill Riptooth
  8. Kill Clawgrip / Wing
  9. Fortress of Barados Nemlight - Goblin Cave
  10. Inside the Fortress
  11. Pits to End
  12. Guidelet to Romance
  13. Guidelet to Henchmen
  14. Miscellaneous tips

SECTION 1. Introduction: Milieu

Dragon Dominant came from a pencil-and-paper campaign at a time when I had never even heard of "Faerun" or the "Sword Coast," so I called my continent the "Land Between." It could exist in the Forgotten Realms universe, just pretty far away from the landmarks that feature in most NWN modules.

The story is that, 400 years ago, an army of orcs and lizardfolk, led by blue dragons, invaded from the southern desert area and took over. They enslaved everybody. Their leader is named Barados Nemlight. The PC grew up in slavery in Wing Village, but plans to escape. The PC will join, at least temporarily, a small band of rebel bandits that operates in the area. When the game starts, you will be inside a slave hut, speaking with a father-figure named Samin Wise. You never met your parents.

SECTION 2. Beginning through Damore

SECTION 3. Orc Tower, River City

SECTION 4. Gem of Ikarion Quests

Once Saraband Goldwyrm has enchanted your armor you are ready to start on the main initial quests. They all start from the crossroads area, which is south of River City, entrance straight W of the Orc Tower. (Clean out the orc tower, if you didn't do so already.) It's sort of nice to find Tamalah and Elf Haven first (W exit from the crossroads), but not crucial.

SUBSECTION 4.a. Gem of Amber

The Gem of Amber is eventually found by going Crossroads --> Valley --> Spider hole level 1 --> Spider hole level 2. The valley and spider hole are full of spiders. There is a queen spider in level 1, and if you kill her you can fulfill a quest given to you by Tamalah. Spider Hole Level 2 is really the lost laboratory of legendary wizard To-Yonaki. There are 3-4 stone golems guarding the place. The main room is laced with traps, but the Gem of Amber can be found in a stone column at the far end. The other columns contain goodies as well. Maybe even more important are 4 sarcophagi in the second-biggest room. Two of them contain the gooey remains of To-Yonaki himself and a famous paladin name Telemachus (named ripped from The Odyssey, sorry Homer!). Telemachus's gear is in the nearby chest. The other two contain rival magic users Gwireth (good) and Sagramor (evil), that emerge from suspended animation when you flip the levers on the sarcophagi. Talk to both of them. Gwireth is important for the plot.

SUBSECTION 4.b. Gem of Fog

The Gem of Fog is eventually found in Crossroads --> Valley --> Mountainside --> Dwarf Delvings. But first, when you get to the Mountainside area, you may find and speak with Narranok, who lives inside a tree shack in the SW section of the area. He should be talked to, even though he turns into a demon later. Go up the alley to the NW and go in the Dwarf Delvings. There are hostile earth elementals scattered throughout. The ones near the door to the next level (middle of W edge) are very tough - be careful with that battle. Go straight ahead when you come in and (once you kill an elemental or two) you can discover a secret door to the north. This room contains a jar with a magic ring in it. It's a ring of elemental resistance - keep it! Back outside this secret room and to the W there is another secret door. This one is a shortcut through a wall. Handy, but nonessential. Once you win your way to Level 2 there are yet more elementals to subdue, but eventually you will find three very large ones that wish to speak to you. They are called "Earthspeaker". Speak to them to discover that they desire the "Binder of Time" to save their race from barbarism. This artifact is on Narranok, who is really a demon. You'll have to kill Narranok, recover the Binder of Time, and then talk to Earthspeaker again. He'll be happy to let you have the treasure. It gains you experience points if you mention that it was a Demon, not a Dwarf, who stole the Binder of Time. [A few users find that the Binder of Time does not exist on the dead body of the Narranok-Fiend. I have no idea why, as it is just sitting there in his inventory. If this happens to you, never fear, you can still gain access to the treasure in your conversation with Earthspeaker as long as the fiend is dead.]

SUBSECTION 4.c. Gem of Rain

The Gem of Rain is found (for the first time) in Crossroads --> Elf Haven --> Alpine Wilderness --> Ice cave. (See remarks below about finding the lost elves in the Alpine wilderness.) Once you are in the Alp. Wild., proceed SW to the entrance to a cave. There are zombies in the cave. If you open the sarcophagi, things like ghouls and mummies will spawn. There is a flaming statue in the main central room. It has a LOT of hit points, but if you bash it to smithereens, it will stop the mummies and gouls from spawning. This may be a bad thing, as you'll get more hit points by killing the monsters... When you go to the SW corner, you will find a lich. Nastily, instead of fighting you, he paralyzes you in cutscene mode, and teleports the Gem of Rain to some other secret location. Then he disappears.

People who can give you a clue as to where he has gone are (1) the blind woman, (2) Tamalah, and (3) a sentinel in the SW of Elf Haven. If you ask the sentinel what she is guarding (and don't be rude) she will make an invisible door appear. The lich lies beyond it, in a crypt. There are 4 rooms in the crypt. The first is empty. The second is full of undead, but you'll have to pass a door that is both locked and trapped. There is a secret door on the south wall of room 2 that will lead to room 3. Room 3 has no enemies, but has 3 nasty traps plus a trapped door to the 4th room. In the 4th room is the lich, a chest with the Gem of Rain, and the lich's phylactery, which you should bash or otherwise destroy.

SECTION 5. Galados and Orchid quests and other side quests

SECTION 6. Dragonslayer / Battle of the Gate

After you have the Gems of Ikarion, you should visit Saraband in Gold Castle in River City. She will congratulate you and, with the help of Maela Darkforge the drider weaponsmith, forge a magical weapon for you called the Avenger of Ikarion. You will get several choices for the type of weapon. (Tip: if you're a wizard/sorcerer, choose the staff - it has bonus spell slots.) Saraband will suggest that your next job is to slay a dragon that has choked off boat traffic to River City.

Go to River City Gate and turn left and go to the LizardFolk Garrison area. There are lizardfolk there, and you will find the dragon patrolling in the far half of the area. The dragon's treasure is guarded by a golem. It comes in three chests, all trapped. There is also a ship captain in a cage. If you bash the cage for him and talk with him you will get experience points and if you are free with your gold you get an alignment shift toward good.

Killing the dragon sets quite a few game variables. Townfolk will treat you with greater respect. New conversation options will appear in henchmen dialogs. However, word of this setback quickly reaches the ears of Barados Nemlight and his minions, and he is not slow in taking action.

After killing your first dragon, work your way back to Saraband in Gold Castle. (Rest before talking with her!) There, you will converse with her and get two more enchantments on your armor (these are your last). You will then discuss the city defenses with Gwireth and Parador the seige engineer. The conversation ends with you and Gwireth teleporting out to the gate.

You arrive at the gate just as dragons and lizardfolk are attacking in force. (Brown trousers moment: there are three dragons!) But don't panic. The enchanted ballistas help tremendously in defeating the dragons, and I doubt you will die. After the battle, speak with Gwireth.

During your Gwireth conversation, Saraband will arrive, and then a blue dragon fugitive named Dibold will enter the conversation. There are several paths through the conversation but most endings are the same: Dibold leaves and Saraband seems to get cold feet about leading an invasion force south. As the conversation winds down, Gwireth offers to give you teleportation amulets, then disappears.

Heal your wounds, visit the merchants, and then go talk with Gwireth in Gold Castle. He will give you these amulets, and Saraband will give you the cold shoulder. Keep the "master" amulet, and give the others (via conversation) to Gwireth, Tamalah, and the Great Bear [Neither Father Bendruin nor Saraband will accept one]. When you are in Barados's throne room, activate the master amulet and these three will appear to fight beside you.

At this time the teleport between Coldhenge and Gold Castle will be activated.

SECTION 7. Kill Riptooth

There is a small preference to go after Riptooth before Clawgrip: you'll find Persimmon locked up in his dungeon, and she can join as a henchman.
For both, however, you'll need to get to the village of Gripnak, which is a SE exit from the Coldhenge area.

SECTION 8. Kill Clawgrip / Wing

See remarks in the previous section about the village of Gripnak. Clawgrip's fortress is the NE exit from Gripnak.

SECTION 9. Fortress of Barados Nemlight - Goblin Cave

After killing both Clawgrip and Riptooth you are ready to go after Barados Nemlight. Proceed to the south end of the Gripnak Village area and go south.

SECTION 10. Inside the Fortress

SECTION 11. Pits to End

SECTION 12. Guidelet to Romance

Male characters can woo Persimmon. In either Kobold Mine Level 2 or the two deeper levels of the Tower of the Dead, speak to Persimmon and choose "I just want to talk." Then pick "What do you make of this place?" or "Have you dealt with undead or necromancers before?" These lead to a little nonverbal moment where you get all flushed. Choose it, and the romance is underway (don't choose it and it zaps the whole affair). Then a lot of plot happens. Persimmon stays with Damore and you go off a-questing. Eventually, you find Persimmon again (Riptooth Demesne Level 3), and she has been captured and tortured. If you are rude to her at this point, the romance is off. You have probably killed Riptooth by the time you find her. If you have also killed Clawgrip, you can say "I just want to talk" and then "Persimmon, do you have any feelings for me?" She will stay noncommital, and say that you should finish your quest first. After that, if you choose "I just want to talk" you will be able to "stare rapturously" at Persimmon, who pretends not to notice. Finally, after you kill Barados Nemlight, the "I just want to talk" option will allow you to openly confess your love, which Persimmon returns.

Female characters can make some progress with Galados, but be warned, his heart was captured long ago by the Elf maiden Aiviriel, and while there is doubt about her fate your relationship with Galados will be ambiguous. Romance cannot begin until Galados has been hired as henchman and taken to Elf Haven to meet Tamalah and then going on to rescue the stranded elves and then returning to Tamalah to complete the quest. After all of that, choosing the "I just want to talk" option and then "Why did you come with me instead of staying at Elf Haven with Tamalah?" will lead to an opportunity to start a romance blooming. Later conversations should reveal more about Aiviriel and Galados's past, and your PC will have to grapple with the fact that Galados may be falling in love with the PC, but has already fallen in love with the lost Aiviriel, who isn't around to have a say in the matter.

SECTION 13. Guidelet to Henchmen

Initial Henchmen:

River City Henchmen:

Rescued henchman:

SECTION 14. Miscellaneous Tips