Dr. Hyun-chul Lee   

phone (office)  : +1-956-665-5374
fax       : +1-956-665-2423

e-mail : leeh(at)utpa.edu

My Spectrophotometric Models

My Publications
PhD 2001, Astronomy and Space Sciences, Yonsei University
Dissertation Summary
MS 1993, Astronomy, University of Washington
BS 1990, Astronomy and Meteorology, Yonsei University
2009-: Lecturer at the University of Texas-Pan American (UTPA) 100%
2007-2009: NASA Research Associate at Washington State University
2004-2007: NSF Research Associate at Washington State University
2004: NASA GALEX Research Associate at Yonsei University
2003: ARC Fellowship at Swinburne Centre for Astrophysics
2002: KOSEF Fellowship at Swinburne University of Technology
1997-2001: GALEX Research Scientist at Yonsei University
1996: Lecturer at Sejong University
1996: Lecturer at Duksung Women's University
1996: Lecturer at Chungbuk National University
1996: Lecturer at Korea University
1990-1993: TA at the University of Washington
Research Interests
Astrophysical Ages & Time Scales
Fine-Tuning Stellar Population Models
Galaxy Formation and Evolution 2005
Spectrophotometric Evolution of star clusters and galaxies 2006
Origin and Evolution of the Elements 1997
Stellar Interiors and Nucleosynthesis (elements) -web1- -web2-
White Dwarfs as Dark Mat ter
Astrophysics of the Local Group
Theoretical Cosmology (Calculator)
Virtual Observatory
EM Radiation Detectors for Space Missions
Life in the Universe
Astronomy Education
Online Education
Nice Pictures from APOD, High Energy, ESPOD, SSPOD
The Summer of 1969 !
M4: The Closest Known Globular Cluster !
R136 aka NGC2070: A Dense Young Star Cluster !
Deep Sky !
Low Surface Brightness Galaxy
37 !
More APOD Collection
Publications (astro-ph), ApJ, MNRAS, ARAA, google


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