WSU Astrobiology Seminar Series 2006/7 Academic Year

Growth of Entropy?


Friday, November 3, 2:10-3:00 p.m, CUE 203
Guy Worthey

The Ultimate Epistemology: Our Origins, Big Bang to Last Tuesday


I will review the origin of matter starting with the nucleosynthesis of light elements in the first three minutes of the big bang. Star formation and death led to more nucleosynthesis and enrichment of the primordial gas by stellar mass loss, sometimes quiescent and sometimes violent. I will sketch the basics of galactic chemical evolution and star formation. I will discuss planet formation with reference to equilibrium condensation theory and the dynamical evolution of the solar system. Finally, I will sketch the history of life on Earth and the taxonomic branchings that led to humans. Given the broad scope of the talk, it will be very much an overview!