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Michael Allen, PhD
Senior Instructor
Physics & Astronomy
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Planetarium tours



We are currently raising funds to refurbish the planetarium, purchase a new projector, and establish a bursary to enable low-income and other underpriviledged groups to come visit us. You can contact me with questions or to donate.

Daytime shows for schools

The planetarium is an indoor simulated sky. Tours of the WSU planetarium can be arranged with me via email, or via the Visitor Center (see below). We prefer groups of 12 or more, to a maximum of 50. Tours are available at irregular times, M-F 9am-2pm, that vary from semester to semester. A tour must be confirmed 24 hours in advance or it will be canceled.

Tours are geared towards middle school classes, but the level can be tailored to the group. There is no cost for a tour. Bus parking is available in Flag Lane on the WSU campus. The planetarium is located in Sloan Hall room 229/231.

If you are interested in other tours at WSU (physics & chemistry demos, raptor center, bear facility, herbarium, creamery), please contact the excellent staff at the Brelsford Visitor Centre. https://visitor.wsu.edu/ . For prospective students, please contact directly the academic unit you are interested in.

Evening public shows

Public show tickets are $5. They can be purchased at the door shortly before the show begins; cash only, please.

Handy links:

Current schedule:

DATE        TIME      GROUP                                  PRESENTER
-- 2017 --

** August ** no shows due to maintenance **

Thu Jul 20  1:30pm College of Ed / DOTE program                open --
Wed Jul 19  4:00pm NY'EHE                                      open --

Mon Jun 12  1:00pm Jefferson Elem G2 (30 min)                  open 30
Mon Jun 12 11:00am Plummer-Worley Sch District G2-5            open --
Mon Jun 05 11:00am Centennial Elem G4 (45 min)                Allen 25
Fri Jun 02 10:30am Pomeroy Elementary G2 (30 min)              Webb 15

** summer session Jun 05 - Jul 28 9-9:50am

May 31 ** no shows **

Sun May 28  5:00pm "Magnificent desolation"                   Jones --
Fri May 26  7:00pm "Magnificent desolation"                   Jones --
Thu May 25  1:15pm Spokane Public Schools Odyssey Program      Webb 50
Thu May 25 10:30am Spokane Public Schools Odyssey Program      Webb 50
Thu May 25  9:00am Spokane Public Schools Odyssey Program      Webb 50
Tue May 16 11:15am Dixie Elem G5                               Webb 15
Mon May 15 11:00am Parkway Elem Clarkston G5 (45 min)         Allen 50
Fri May 12 11:00am Browne Elem Spokane G6 (45 min)             Webb 50
Wed May 10 11:15am Orchards Elem G2 (20 min)                   Webb 50
Mon May 08 10:15am Juliaetta Elem G5                           Webb 30

** May 1-5 final exams (no shows)

Fri Apr 28 10:45am Children's House Montessori G3-5 (30min)    Webb 15
Thu Apr 27  9:10am Astr 450                                 Worthey 14
Sat Apr 22 10:30am WSU CoB Business Plan Competition        Daniels 20
Thu Apr 20 12:30pm Potlatch Elem                              Allen 35
Mon Apr 17 10:45am Adams Elem G6                              Allen 50
Sun Apr 16  5:00pm "Dr Who's cosmos"                        Daniels --
Fri Apr 14  7:00pm "Dr Who's cosmos"                        Daniels --
Fri Apr 14 10:15am Spokane Montessori                       Daniels 30
Tue Apr 11  4:30pm Spokane Montessori                         Allen 25
Sun Apr 09  5:00pm "Sky moms"                              Fountain --  
Sat Apr 08 11:00am "Sky moms"                              Fountain --  
Fri Apr 07  7:00pm "Sky moms"                              Fountain --  
Thu Apr 06 10:30am Clarkston Boys & Girls Club (40min)         Webb 30
Tue Apr 04 11:00am Camas Prairie homeschoolers                 Webb 60

Sun Mar 26  5:00pm "Other Earths"                             Jones --
Fri Mar 24  7:00pm "Other Earths"                             Jones --
Thu Mar 09 11:00am Grandview Middle School                 Fountain 60
Tue Mar 07 10:10am Russell Elem G4                             Webb 35
Tue Mar 07 09:10am Russell Elem G4                             Webb 35

Thu Feb 23 11:30am Peck Elementary K8                          Webb 20
Thu Feb 23 10:00am Northwest Academy HS                    Fountain 15
Sun Feb 14  7:00pm "Some like it hot"                               --
Mon Feb 13  7:00pm "Getting mooney"                                 --
Sun Feb 12  5:00pm "Some like it hot"                               --
Fri Feb 10  7:00pm "Getting mooney"                                 --

Sun Jan 29  5:00pm "Sky wonder down under"                          --
Fri Jan 27  7:00pm "Sky wonder down under"                          --
Fri Jan 13 11:00am STEM Education Consulting LLC               Webb 45
Fri Jan 13 10:00am STEM Education Consulting LLC               Webb 50
Wed Jan 11  2:10pm Honors 290                                 Allen 24