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Michael Allen, PhD
Senior Instructor
Physics & Astronomy
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Planetarium tours


Daytime shows for schools

This program has been discontinued.

Evening public shows

Public show tickets are $5. They can be purchased at the door shortly before the show begins; cash only, please.

Handy links:

Current schedule:

DATE        TIME      GROUP                                  PRESENTER
-- 2019 --

** April 29 - May 3 final exams - no shows
Sun Apr 28  5:00pm "Sky Wonder Down Under"                   Jones
Fri Apr 26  7:00pm "Sky Wonder Down Under"                   Jones
Mon Apr 15 11:30am WACA 3rd grade                           Dodgen 10
Sun Apr 14  5:00pm "Solar System Sensation"                 Dodgen
Sat Apr 13  2:30pm "Solar System Sensation"                 Dodgen
Sat Apr 13  1:00pm "Solar System Sensation"                 Dodgen
Fri Apr 12  7:00pm "Solar System Sensation"                 Dodgen
Thu Apr  4 12:00pm Echo, OR Elementary                      Dodgen 23

Sun Mar 31  5:00pm "Strange Universe"                        Jones
Fri Mar 29  7:00pm "Strange Universe"                        Jones
Wed Mar 20 12:00pm Cornerstone homeschool, Moscow         Westlund
Tue Mar 19 11:30am Holmes Elementary                        Dodgen 62
Mon Mar 18 11:00am Other Worlds for Common Reading         Worthey 
** March 11-15 spring break
Sun Mar 10  5:00pm "Other Worlds"                          Worthey
Fri Mar  8  7:00pm "Other Worlds"                          Worthey

Fri Feb 15 12:00pm Homeschool group                       Westlund 20
Thu Feb 14  8:30pm "Some Like it Hot"                      Worthey 
Thu Feb 14  7:00pm "Some Like it Hot"                      Worthey 
Sun Feb 10  5:00pm "SENTIENT"                              Worthey 12
Fri Feb  8  7:00pm "SENTIENT"                              Worthey 10

Tue Jan 29 10:00am Concordia Lutheran Preschool            Worthey 15
Mon Jan 28  1:00pm Beacon Christian School                 Worthey 25
Sun Jan 27  5:00pm "Skies of 2019"                         Worthey 66
Fri Jan 25  7:00pm "Skies of 2019"                         Worthey 64
Fri Jan 25 12:00pm Keller ESL students                     Worthey 20