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Michael Allen, PhD
Senior Instructor
Physics & Astronomy
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Astrophotos (click on each for a larger version)


2012-06-12. WSU Jewett telescope, 12-inch refractor, f/15, 40-mm eyepiece; Casio Exlim 10.1 Mpixel digital camera, Best Shot setting 5 "Night Scene" (ISO 64), integration time unknown; Orion SteadyPix camera mount.

Click on the image for the full-scale version. The isolated mare on the far right limb is Mare Crisium. Two rays across Crisium trace leftward to crater Proclus (it has a bright upper limb).

The top-most mare is Serenitatis. The sinewy, very thin, bright wisp running through it top-to-bottom is Dorsa Smirnov (top) and Dorsa Lister (bottom).
venus transit

2012-06-05, about 6:30pm. Transit of Venus. Taken from the campus of Central Washington University in Ellensburg WA, on the lawn behind the computer science building. Meade 90mm ETX-RA telescope, with an Orion Full Aperture Glass solar filter. Camera: Casio Exlim 10.1 Mpixel digital camera, Best Shot setting 7 "Sundown"; Orion SteadyPix camera mount.

Out-of-focus dust-caused rings are visible.
mercury transit

2016-05-09. Transit of Mercury, seen from WSU, using a Celestron 8-inch SCT with a mylar aperture filter and Casio Exlim digital camera on an Orion SteadyPix camera mount. A few wisps of cloud are visible.
mercury transit

2016-05-09. Transit of Mercury, third contact point, seen from WSU, using a Meade 90mm ETX-RA telescope, Casio Exlim digital camera, and Orion SteadyPix camera mount. It had been totally overcast for about an hour and I worried that I would miss the end of the transit. The clouds parted. I snapped pictures as fast as my cheapie compact camera could and got this lucky shot.
circumhorizontal arc

2016-05-30. A circumhorizontal arc, seen looking SW from the top of Bald Butte, near Johnson, WA, USA. I snapped this picture with my cell phone camera. The arc lasted for only a few minutes.